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With all the information online about cryptocurrencies, you need to be aware of the best cryptocurrency to buy and invest in it. Knowing well all the hassles that can come from buying that digital currency and the risks involved is the best way to start.

The advancement in technology currently has brought about the existence of many cryptocurrencies so far to choose from. We have the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin’s breakaway part), Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Neo, Monero, NEM, etc.

Out of the cryptocurrencies in the world, the leading one is the Bitcoin. Bitcoin has fluctuated over the years and its currently at $8250.00 (at the time of writing this article). I bet you’re wondering what stopped you from investing in this digital currency when it was valued less to make profits now. You’re not alone, and now, you have a new chance to do that.

Here, I’ll list the best cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and add a few of them to choose from.




Bitcoin has proved to be the most speculated and watched digital currencies of all time. It is on the top of the list with the highest market capitalization that keeps fluctuating in a matter of minutes. A value more than $100 billion (currently at $137,773,702,611).

A little history of Bitcoin is that Satoshi Nakamoto invented it, but there are believes that it was invented by a group of banking/IT specialists and not one person. Let’s make up our mind and stick to Satoshi as the inventor. Nobody wants to see one person being given credit for doing a significant invention.

You can buy one Bitcoin US Dollar (BTCUSD) by paying about $8250 (at the time of writing this article). Be sure to note that this digital currency is very volatile and unstable and keeps on fluctuating so rapidly.

If you don’t have $8250 to buy one BTCUSD, don’t worry, you can always go for the cheaper version, Satoshi – smallest part of the Bitcoin. Once you buy a Bitcoin currency, the most crucial thing to do is to keep it safe and follow the news to know how its coping.




Ethereum is considered number two in the cryptocurrency value table. It is a platform meant for the small contracts as a result of diverging block chains. The Market cap is $ 36,562,253,598, and one ethereum costs around $369.



Bitcoin Cash

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the third on the list of top cryptocurrency going for about $1306, and a market cap of $21,949,978,972. It started appreciating in November 2017, when Bitcoin fork failed. BCH is now a separate cryptocurrency itself, and a Bitcoin’s breakaway part.




Ripple, the fourth on the top cryptocurrency to invest and it’s a real-time gross settlement network introduced in 2012. It has a market cap of $23,874,660,888, and you buy one ripple for $0.2327.





Dash is a peer-to-peer virtual currency and fifth on the list of top cryptocurrency. It was formerly known as Darkcoin and Xcoin and introduced in 2014. The market cap is at $4,464,627,396, and one Dash costs $499.




The list continues, and we have Litecoin. Just like Bitcoin, it is a peer-to-peer digital currency to check out. The market cap is $3,890,996,313, and you can get one Litecoin for $70.52.




The market cap and value for each of the cryptocurrencies keeps on fluctuating with time. It is best to check the exact value before you decide on the best cryptocurrency to buy. I would recommend you go for the Bitcoin, which has the highest value, but I have included other five cryptocurrencies to check out.

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