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Wealth education is important for everyone looking to learn more about money and how to make their wealth work for them. Luckily, almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket that can be used to keep you educated on earning and managing wealth. But how? Through wealth education apps, of course! We have compiled four of the best wealth education apps to make sure that you stay informed and learning about the ways that you can grow your wealth and keep your money safe.




Personal Capital

Available in the Apple and Google Play stores for free

Personal Capital is a powerful tool designed to keep you educated about your investments. The app updates you on your stocks, savings, and bank accounts to help you see where your wealth is going. Additionally, it lets you create a budget and compares your stock performance to the market in real-time, letting you stay up-to-date about the state of your finances. You can also access the app online. Additionally, Personal Capital can connect you with a team of professionals to educate you about growing your wealth for a small fee.





Available in the Apple and Google Play stores for free ($1/month fee for accounts under $5,000 and 0.25%/year fee for accounts over $5,00)

Stash is designed to educate you about smart financial habits that you can utilize long-term and make small investments to slowly grow your wealth. It allows you to invest manually or automatically and you get to choose the portfolio you want your money going to. Each portfolio is customized based on your interests and desires, so you can make good investments in stocks that matter to you. It also educates you about the companies you can invest in, meaning that you choose recipients that align with your values. Stash is perfect for the beginner investor and helps you build better financial habits while educating you on wealth management.





Available in the Apple store for free

LearnVest is an app the specializes in financial advice and tracks your data to provide personalized suggestions. Aside from financial education tools, it also includes a budgeting tool that is useful for establishing a simple budget to help you better manage your money. The app monitors your wealth automatically and updates you with useful advice to help with your financial future. For a fee, it can even connect you with a professional financial planner. LearnVest is a valuable tool that lets you stay connected to your finances and educate you about specific ways to better use and grow your wealth.




Credit Karma

Available in the Apple and Google Play stores for free

Credit Karma’s app offers users access to their free credit score, which can help them stay educated on the state of their wealth. Additionally, it allows you to track your spending and can recommend personalized financial advice based on those patterns. The app provides credit card and loan offers that can help improve your financial health and raise your credit score. It can also connect you to auto insurance suggestions and keep you educated about offers you can qualify for to increase your wealth. Credit Karma’s app gives you a deeper look into your finances and how spending affects your credit.



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