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What are your goals and dreams? What are you doing to achieve them? We want it all and our society told us that if we work hard we will achieve our dreams. But, what do we sacrifice to get there and once we get there is it what we want? The dream of homeownership and the white picket fence is all well and great, but where is the freedom? Once you get it you’re strapped, and the bills continuously add up. Just working to pay, working to pay, what about the quality of life? We need to strip away the lies of what we were taught (because of what our parents were taught) and look to the youth for an example of how to do it differently. Fear…fear holds us back, when a new idea, a new technology appears we don’t understand it. When we don’t understand something it scares us, the fear sets in and we end up in the same destructive cycle of making just enough money, but never enough to actually be free. Freedom to spend time with family and friends, travel, create, and really help our communities. How would your life change if you would expand your mind, push off the shackles of fear, and reach for an opportunity? How could we possibly do this? Cryptocurrency. We’ve looked for the best of the best when it comes to a cryptocurrency exchange service platform for users of all experiences, and we found Bitsta.

What is Bitsta Review?

A contemporary, cryptocurrency exchange service platform created for mass mainstream adoption, which is highly secure and fully scalable…that’s Bitsta and they are just getting started.

Bitsta’s goal is to attract customers by designing their platform in a way that will ease the “unknown” with real answers. Bitsta researched the current issues regarding cryptocurrency exchange services and is offering solutions.

Customers were Looking for and Other Services Lacked:

  • Accessibility and Approachability
    • Bitsta is created to run autonomously 24-hours per day, 365 days per year, without interruption.


  • Opportunity
    • At least 14 tradable cryptocurrencies available at launch
    • Ability to deposit and withdraw in fiat in select markets (shortly after launch)


  • Enhanced Security Protocols
    • Security is the primary focus of Bitsta
    • All reserve currency will be stored in multi-signature cold wallets
    • Extensive client-side and server-side security features
    • At least two in-house developed proprietary security technologies


  • Advanced Localization
  • From day one, Bitsta’s platform was designed with localization in mind
  • Pre-built translation support
    • Empowers Bitsta to launch and support new markets quickly


  • Live Customer Service
    • online FAQ resource
    • online chat
    • email
    • support ticket system
    • in account update and communications area
    • social media
    • toll-free numbers
  • Rich Features and User Empowerment
    • Personalize and tailor your account’s displays to design a style that maximizes your personal trading preferences
    • Gamification

What will help Users new to Cryptocurrency, While Benefiting Experienced Users?

Beginner to Advanced Features: By offering straightforward guided trading and setup, Bitsta is extremely user-friendly and is exceptional for first-time users. For experienced traders, Bitsta allows a user to benefit right away and have the ability to customize the experience with extensive trade type options and API access.


Gamification Features: Bitsta’s platform will include gamified features which will introduce novice users to up-to-date features and trade options while increasing adoption of the exchange and blockchain technologies that will benefit all users. These features will promote user participation, learning and general comfort in the cryptocurrency trading space. Gamification features may include daily actions that develop into habits, acknowledgment of power users, one-click trading, new user invitation, and more. Gamification is expected to at least double the average number of trades per user.

What Else?

High-Speed Matching Engine:

  • Bitsta’s exclusive matching engine can handle well over one million transactions per second.
    • One of the fastest matching engines currently
      • Additional speed and capacity upgrades already planned

Extensive Order Types:

  • Facilitating Powerful, Fine Grain Trade Control
    • Limit
    • Market
    • Stop Limit
    • One-Cancels-the-Other
    • One-Triggers-the-Other
    • One-Triggers-One-Cancels-the-Other

Extensive Order Time Frames:

  • Immediate
  • Canceled
  • Good Until Cancelled
  • Good Until Date

Automatic Bid/Ask Smart Pairing:

  • Minimum sustained execution speed in excess of one million transactions per second

Bitsta delivers exclusive and unique solutions to existing exchange challenges and provides maximum security and optimal user experience for all types of traders. If you are new to cryptocurrency and need a supportive platform, to begin with or if you are a seasoned professional, you have found your place. Bitsta is the best cryptocurrency exchange service platform for users of all skill levels. In short, with a development team that brings decades of a real world, full stack development experience Bitsta has the knowledge, experience, drive and plans to grow the future of cryptocurrency and help its users pursue their dreams of freedom.

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