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The cryptocurrency market is here to stay and while there is a lot of press and excitement, it’s still early in the process. The scale of how digital currency is going to grow still boggles the mind for most people. One thing is clear, the US and world economy along with traditional banking institutions are set for disruption and the big players, governments and banks are aware and hard at work learning how to utilize.  A major aspect of this new technological front is AI, artificial intelligence, and how the cryptocurrency market will continue to grow as institutional capital gets involved.

Goldman Sachs was among one of the first financial institutions to announce that it would clear futures for its clients on a case by case basis and is set to launch it’s cryptocurrency trading desk by mid-2018.  Other institutions will surely follow suit as clients demand access to cryptocurrencies and as the infrastructure required to trade them at an institutional level is built out. This includes exchanges offering much-needed compliance and security tools as well as appropriate insurance products.




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One company showcasing such innovative technology is called Cindicator (CIND), and it’s creating a hybrid intelligence platform to predict market moves for asset management. This is done by creating intelligent trading robots for hedge funds and institutional investors.

You must understand that Wall Street spends a ton money for this kind of information. Last year, firms spent over $4 billion on predictive analytics. And that investment is expected to triple over the next five years. One of the best indicators of future growth in any market segment is investment prospectuses. Are you considering developing a beachfront resort on the coast of Florida but are afraid of the impending global warming crisis that activists and press continue to push? Go and see what the investors and developer’s prospectuses indicate. They invest in research and development while ignoring activists and the press to base their investment on unbiased factual research. Florida remains one of the fastest growing states in the US and commercial real estate development continues to sizzle. If the state of Florida was really doomed to be underwater in the next 5 to 10 years it would be foolish to pour millions of dollars into development. Unless, of course,  Wall Street knows something that the activists and media don’t know are don’t want to share.

The same core principles apply to digital currency as well. New technologies in the infrastructure are being developed alongside the digital currencies that will establish the long-term viability of specific coin.

Further, predictions from a single individual can unreliable and inaccurate at best. But when you combine the independent predictions of thousands of individuals, the results are stunningly accurate.

The Cindicator platform is innovative and brings together thousands of individuals (26,000 to date) to make predictions on events.

It then combines that information with artificial intelligence to create trading strategies and models to profit off the information.

Today, Cindicator focuses on traditional finance and cryptocurrencies. But its product can be expanded to other areas such a venture capital, corporate business decisions, science, and politics.

There’s a lot to like about Cindicator and its platform is already up and running.

The Cindicator team is experienced and has been working together since 2015 and has received cash grants for technologies from Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon.

Technology innovation like this provides the opportunity to join a social and technological ecosystem in the early stages of its evolution.

The new digital currency, or crypto economy, is broader, fairer and thanks to innovation such as Cindicator, smarter than ever.

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