Profit or Ponzi: Crypto Mining With BitClub Network

One of the hottest mining pools available is BitClub Network, however, it’s not available in the United States. We’ll talk about why that is, how to work around it, as well as whether or not BitClub is even worth the effort.  Our in-depth look will offer you insight into crypto mining with BitClub.

crypto mining with BitClub mining farm

Who is BitClub Network

According to the BitClub Network website, BitClub isn’t a company owned by a single person. Instead, it’s a team of experts, entrepreneurs, professionals, programmers, and network marketers who teamed up to launch a simple business around Bitcoin and other Digital Currency mining.

Diving Into The Bitclub Network Mining Operations

In the past three years, crypto mining with BitClub Network has produced over 50,000 Bitcoin and 250,000 Etherum. All of the coins have been shared back to the members of the network.

How Does Crypto Mining With BitClub Work

In order to mine with Bitclub, you purchase mining equipment (actual computer servers) that are used to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Secondly, you can share your personal affiliate URL to sign up other members. When they purchase mining equipment, you get a commission on everything they buy.

Crypto Mining With BitClub mining contract

What Types of Mining Does BitClub Do

BitClub Network offers something they call their new GPU Mining Pool. Each machine is capable of mining dozens of coins, and they add new coins as they become worth it in regards difficulty of mining and to profitability.

What Cryptocurrency does BitClub Mine

BitClub provides services or helps people profit from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, DASH, Monero, Zcash, and more. BitClub has also developed their own mineable coin, called ClubCoin.

crypto mining farm bitclub iceland

Where Are BitClub Mining Servers

Crypto Mining With BitClub is performed completely off-site, meaning their mining servers are located Internationally.  Their main mining farms are located in Iceland. The naturally cool environment provides for environmentally sustainable mining. Their power is also cheaper.  The two factors that are necessary to allow for conducive and profitable mining.

Bitclub Network also has servers elsewhere but focuses about 70% of their mining in Iceland. They do allow members above specific ranks to view their mining equipment, which means that it does exist, legitimately.

Miners can also request to take possession of their equipment at any time before shares expire. BitClub gives the specific instructions on how to do it on their website, as well as reasons why someone would or wouldn’t want to do it. Taking possession of equipment cancels shares and leaves full responsibility for mining on the individual, which can be quite complicated.

How Long Are BitClub Contracts

Each share in the GPU mining pools mines for 1,000 days and each member retains full control over which coins they mine.

Crypto Mining With BitClub bitclub on the blockchain

BitClub Mining Pool

BitClub Network Members can select to mine what they want, or they can direct their servers to the BitClub pool, and thus earn a share of all Bitcoin mined by the pool.  BitClub Network is considered one of the large mining pools and controls 1.3% of all mined Bitcoin.  To view the current results, click here.

Bitcoin is the most difficult coin to mine, so this is a good option for anyone seeking to mine Bitcoin.

Crypto Mining With BitClub mining contracts

How Much Does BitClub Cost

Bitcoin mining shares can be purchased for $500, $1000, $2000 worth of Bitcoin. These shares mine for 1000 days. Or, you can purchase shares in the new GPU Mining Pool for $1000 or $5000 worth of Bitcoin, which mine for 1000 days.

Commission payouts have a 30-day holding period.

Crypto Mining With BitClub mining packages

Does BitClub Have Mining Fees

The fees vary between the different mining pools. When BitClub first opened its doors, the only form of payment accepted is Bitcoin, and all new members pay a one-time signup fee of $99 USD that provides lifetime access to the platform.  Crypto Mining With BitClub Network is now able to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.


Crypto Mining With BitClub start up cost

For Bitcoin Pool #1, each share costs $500 and pays daily. Shares pay out 50% of what is mined, with the other 50% being taken for expenses and the purchase of additional shares.

For Bitcoin Pool #2, each share costs $1000 and instead has a 60/40 split, with 60% going to the shareholder and 40% toward expenses.

For Bitcoin Pool #3, each share costs $2000 and has a 70/30 split.

For Bitcoin Pools 1, 2, and 3, there’s a 10-day holding period before shares begin earning and receiving payouts.

For the new GPU Mining Pools, you receive 100% of your mining. There is a 30 day waiting period before you begin receiving payouts. This is the only option that allows for the mining of different cryptocurrencies.

Is it Difficult to Set Up a BitClub Mining Contract

Setup is relatively straightforward, however, you cannot signup with a referral. Someone must give you a username to join the network.

As well, BitClub Network is not open to United States residents, because the US is one of the least friendly countries toward cryptocurrencies. The workaround is to use a VPN such as Opera and choosing the Europe setting. The BitClub Network website clearly states that anyone found residing in any jurisdiction they no longer support will have their membership canceled and fully refunded.

Where is BitClub Network Located

BitClub Network is decentralized, just like cryptocurrency. This keeps them from having a single point of failure or compliance issue that could risk getting them shut down. Their programmers work remotely, which keeps overhead down since they aren’t paying for any corporate structure or properties.

BitClub Review

BitClub Network checks out across the board for legitimacy. There are no red flags and it appears that true mining occurs as it’s trackable on their website.

BitClub Network is a solid opportunity for mining as well as for referral income.

Take the next step to mine Bitcoin and their altcoin options?

You can message us using our chat option on the page and we will connect you with one of the most respected Bitclub representatives that we have personally vetted.

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