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In the new era of technology, cryptocurrency has emerged as the newest and most prolific asset class. In this space, there are many new players providing the opportunity for investors and the average person to capitalize on cryptocurrency. Interestingly enough, in the United States, cryptocurrency is not classified as a currency, but as property, which gives it many unique implications as both an investment and an asset.  Here we are will provide you a complete overview of the cryptocurrency mining operations for Omnia Tech and whether or not it is a safe and reliable company to utilize their mining operations.

Who is Omnia Tech

Omnia Tech is technology company focused on cryptocurrency mining. Their site states that they are the “world’s most intelligent cryptocurrency mining platform designed with everyone in mind”.

With only six percent of the world population in the know about cryptocurrency, Omnia Tech has set out to help educate and provide continued research.

We want to point out that Omnia Tech uses a network marketing based business model where individuals can choose to benefit financially in a number of different ways besides their mining results. In this review, we are strictly looking at the mining operations, not the business building side of the company, however it is good to note that a person, if they desire, has the ability to make money: selling/referring mining contracts via direct sales, building a team, earning leadership matching bonuses, capitalizing on team volume bonuses and hitting rank advancement bonuses.

Omnia Tech Mining Operations

By offering a unique and simple mining service, you are able to earn cryptocurrency. For both large-scale investors and those new to the crypto world, Omnia Tech hails itself as the mining operation for everyone.

They have partnered with Genesis Mining, one of the premier mining operations around the globe. This is proudly stated on their website homepage and it brings both validity and assurance to anyone looking to take advantage of their mining operations.

To get started, it is free to open an account, however, to activate the mining you have to pay for your mining operation. While some companies have a setup or waiting time to commence mining, Omnia Tech begins mining immediately upon purchase. The set up is also incredibly simple, with no complicated systems or handling of the actual own mining rig setup. This allows anyone to capitalize on the 24/7 mining.

Tracking is made simple with a web-friendly interface, which tracks both results and hash power.

What cryptocurrency does Omnia Tech Mine?

The company is currently offering the ability to mine 3 different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash.

Purchase methods for contracts are VISA, MasterCard, and Bitcoin. Contracts are considered Lifetime contracts.

For as little as $100 you can get started with your first mining operations. However, as we noted, larger investors have the opportunity as well. Omnia Tech has packages listed up to $25,000 on their website. And these are their current plans:

$100 for Starter
$500 for Kickstarter
$1000 for Light miner
$3000 for Mid miner
$8500 for Strong miner
$1500 for Master miner
$25000 for Elite miner



Your hash and output will depend upon the level at which you buy in and they are all relative in their output, which means, if you purchased a $1000 mining contract, it would perform at 10xs the 100.

How long are contracts?

“Our lifetime mining contract is an open-ended contract. When your contract becomes unprofitable, we automatically reassign your hash power to other profitable Altcoins. This is made possible by our proprietary mining strategy in which we reallocate 50% of your hash power every 500 days. This method is employed to address the recent issues where many faced a mining plan that became unprofitable, leaving them no option to revert the change. With lifetime mining, your mining interest, whether long-term or short-term, remains safe and secure.”

What does that mean?

Omnia Tech reinvests 50% of your hash power every 500 days. That’s the reason why Omnia Tech can offer lifetime contracts; when your contract becomes unprofitable, Omnia Tech will automatically assign your hash power to other profitable altcoins. This is because they are constantly optimizing their data centers infrastructure, which allows them to shift their mining to be most profitable for the client/customer.

Does Omnia Tech Have Mining Fees?

Omnia Tech does not charge any additional transaction fees other than what is being charged by the miners, which is considered the transaction fee and typically nominal. Further information can be found in the Omnia office.

Additionally, on the lifetime mining services for BTC ETH and the alternative coins, there are zero maintenance fees.

Is it difficult to Set up an Omnia Tech Mining Contract?

Set up is relatively simple. It is a three-step process, which is also depicted on their website.

Register – First, you join with your unique invite link.
Select – Next, choose your desired mining plan
Activate – Finally, set up your e-wallet in your Omnia Tech back office.

Mining results are deposited into your account via your e-wallet, which is set up through your back office. Once registered, there is a simple walkthrough to assist you in getting everything finalized with your e-wallet to receive your cryptocurrency deposits.

Company Roadmap

One duly impressive point with Omnia Tech is their transparency in keeping the public up to date on their progress. This company roadmap allows any visitor to see in nearly real time what has been accomplished and what they are working on for the future.

Who is the Omnia Tech Corporate Team

CEO: Milan Sormaz has 25 years of being an independent entrepreneur in finance and real estate. He is from Bosnia, born July 10, 1968, and is currently living in Germany.

CO-Founder: Robert Velghe has been an entrepreneur since the 90’s, owning restaurants from 1990-2003. In 2003 he moved to the hedge funds/financial sector and most recently shifted his focus to the blockchain in 2015.

Communications Director: Allan Duncan is an industry veteran, having launched his own health and wellness MLM in 2010. During that time, he was awarded numerous achievements, including rookie of the year. Interesting to note that Allan cofounded Juvo, a web design company, with Bill and Melinda Gates.

Omnia Tech Company Info

Omnia Tech is based out of Malta. The Malta address is its corporate entity, which is listed on their website. This address is reflected along with many other such companies and we, therefore, are believing that Omnia Tech exists on paper and only by name in Malta. Here is their contact information, which we recommend reaching out directly if you are looking for further clarity and information:
Omnia Tech
Palazzo Ca Brugnera, Valley Road
BKR 9024 Birkirkara
+32 47417 4764

In conclusion:
There are a number of cryptocurrency companies are available that offer crypto mining. In our evaluation of Omnia Tech, we conclude that Omnia Tech is a sound resource for mining. We have not found a reason to avoid the purchasing of a mining contract with the company. Their results are consistent. They previously partnered with Genesis Mining, with a solid and reputable company before obtaining their own facilities. And if you are looking to create/generate an additional income stream, their MLM business model is rather lucrative, as well.

You can message us using our chat option on the page and we will connect you with one of the most respected Omnia Tech representatives that we have personally vetted.

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