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Cryptocurrency is a hot topic lately, especially with the volatility of late 2017 and early 2018. Kuvera is the latest company offering crypto mining.  Are their claims all they’re cracked up to be? Here’s a kuvera crypto mining review. 

We do want to stress that legal presidents has not been set on the crypto currency vertical in the United States so if you are a USA citizen. Proceed with caution on representing any “opportunity”.

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As with any financial related article. No buy, sell, or hold recommendations.

Is it cloud mining? 

Yes. Kuvera uses cloud based mining. This allows for the mining operations to be located in places where power is at a much more affordable rate and the cost to build the facility is not cost prohibitive.  Kuvera’s rigs are in Iceland, Hong Kong, and Romania.

What is cloud mining?

Cloud mining uses a remote datacenter with shared processing power. This enables you to mine cryptocurrencies without managing the hardware, allowing you to open an account and acquire a mining lease.

kuvera crypto mining review crypto mining

Is Kuvera a pooled mining operation?

Absolutely not.  Kuvera does not support pooled mining.  Pooled mining is where multiple “clients” share in a block and split the reward. Pooled mining is hard to track and is often a term used by less than reputable companies to hide shadier business dealings.

Can I go see the mining operations?

This is a HUGE question that everyone should ask about all crypto mining operations.  While Kuvera never explicitly states that you can visit the datacenter (many do not allow it), we highly recommend you read your mining contract very carefully.

kuvera crypto mining review block chain

Is Kuvera on the blockchain?

Kuvera is not on the blockchain at this point. Here is the link we have found that claims to be Kuvera’s.


What is a Kuvera Mining Contract?

There are two ways to mine cryptocurrency: by owning the machine yourself (and paying all the electricity, doing updates, programming, etc) or leasing one. Kuvera mining contracts are a lease on a piece of machinery. All expenses are included in the cost of the lease, and the mining rates vary based on the speed of the rig desired. All mining contracts are a one time up front fee and result in daily cryptocurrency coin deposits in the ewallet of your choice. Kuvera does recommend specific wallets to make it easy for someone with no experience, though experienced people can select a different wallet if they choose.

kuvera crypto mining review ethereum mining

How long does a mining contract last?

Kuvera’s mining contracts are for the lifetime of the rig, with a minimum of 1000 days. The mining contract includes all maintenance, labor, electricity, and upkeep.


What coins does Kuvera mine?

Currently Kuvera crypto mining operations are able to mine Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero, and Dash. Kuvera’s mining equipment mines whatever coin is least congested or most profitable at that specific time, and the lease states that the coin being mined may change at any time.  In addition, Kuvera states that they can add additional coins to be mined at any point.

kuvera crypto mining review ethereum litecoin dash monero eth classic

How much crypto is being mined?

The amount of cryptocurrency being mined depends on the hash rate. Each package has a different hashrate. The more expensive packages have a higher hash rate, and thus have a faster coin return.

How much does it cost to mine?

Kuvera’s mining packages range in price. The most inexpensive is $599.99. The fastest hash power and largest lease is $5499.99, however, special larger mining contracts can be arranged. All prices include the which includes the $99 account provisioning/setup fee per lease.

When can you get your crypto out?

There are some companies that have a holding period. Kuvera makes your coins immediately available. On average, once a day, your coins are settled into Ethereum and deposited into the ewallet you’ve designated. That means that your coins are yours immediately. You can withdraw them or allow them to accumulate.

kuvera product review - kuvera

What is the ROI?

Kuvera does not speak about or guarantee any returns. Each lease is for a specific hash power, and returns vary. You can find customers’ coin results with a bit of research. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, but it does appear that it’s a far better deal to purchase Kuvera mining leases than to spend the same amount of money just purchasing Ethereum.

Each day yields a small fraction of an Ethereum coin. We looked around at average reported results thus far and came up with the following math. If $1000 yields a single Ethereum coin, a $1000 Kuvera mining contract ($1100 including the provisioning fee) appears to yield somewhere between 2-3 coins over the lifetime of the rig based upon the current mining results.

Summary of our Kuvera crypto mining review

12-2-2018 Update to Kuvera mining, it has had issues delivering on this product and at this time they are not paying out on existing mining contracts.

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