Kuvera Review – Does The “New Company” Hype Pass Our Litmus Test?

Kuvera Reviews - company review

Our team has evaluated Kuvera in five categories for this Kuvera review: the company itself, their cryptocurrency mining, their products, cost structure, and as an MLM.

Kuvera Company Review 

Kuvera is publicly traded on the OTC market. Ticker: INVU. This makes them the only company offering cryptocurrency who is also publicly traded. However, they are not regulated like publicly traded companies as they are just on the OTC and every quarter to date they have posted a loss. They’re a few years old and established themselves originally in the Forex (Foreign Exchange) market, with trading instruction as well as autotrading programs. They’ve recently doubled their customer base with the introduction of cryptocurrency products.

Kuvera tries to classify themselves as an education company, which they believe keeps them legal with the SEC and other financial regulatory organizations. Specifically, Kuvera is going for a financial tech company. Also interesting, Kuvera isn’t a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer. Kuvera is the educational platform connecting people with tools to build wealth on their own terms. Most simply put, Kuvera connects people with products.

Kuvera Reviews

Kuvera Cryptocurrency Mining Review

Bitcoin’s rise in value from $850 to nearly $20,000 in just a year (subsequent correction aside) grabbed the attention of both the financial and internet-based industries. Kuvera is both, a financial education company based online, so it’s no surprise they quickly began offering cryptocurrency mining. Is Kuvera cryptocurrency mining profitable, though?

From what our team found via their research, the answer is still out as they company is not transparent about its operation.  Mining packages are available in amounts ranging from around $600 to just over $5k, though we did come across information that much larger packages can be acquired. That information isn’t listed on the site and is instead worked out through the assistance of their brand representatives.

The size of the mining package determines the speed of the mining. Kuvera mining contracts mine a variety of cryptocurrencies, though the (on average) daily returns come in the form of Ethereum. Ethereum is available for immediate withdrawal.

Each mining subscription is good for the full lease of a mining rig. Kuvera owns the rigs and covers all maintenance. Mining is for the lifetime of the rig, with a minimum of 1000 days. Mining contracts have one time up front package pricing with no ongoing fees.

Kuvera cryptocurrency mining is traceable on the blockchain, yet it leaves more questions than answers.

kuvera company review is kuvera a scam

Kuvera Cost Review

Kuvera offers one time and subscription services. Subscriptions range from $149.99 to $199.99 monthly. The crypto mining does not have a monthly fee, just the one-time package and provision fee. The cost per Kuvera product ranges from a one time set up fee (for their cryptocurrency mining) to a monthly subscription fee to participate in monthly education and live trading sessions.

Kuvera Wealth Management products vary in expense and time required, so there’s something for each level of investor. It’s not a product line for penny pinchers or skeptics. Kuvera is for the wealth-minded.

Pricing is reasonable on the informational and active trading products. It’s like a membership to high-end financial information. Pricing is competitive for the mining, as well.

Kuvera Products Review

For a full products review, see our Kuvera Products Review

Kuvera MLM Review

Kuvera is a product based company who distributes their products through the multilevel or network marketing method of sales. As far as the compensation plan goes, it’s unique. Reps are paid once a month, on the 15th, for the volume of the prior month. Pay scales purely on volume, which is most easily acquired through sales of the various packs, such as the $199 monthly All In Pack, which includes access to all products. (Volume on cryptocurrency mining contracts only lasts for two months, since those are a one time purchase, and aren’t an effective way to build actual long-term residual income.)

Pay ranks begin at $500 and rapidly climb. There are reps making over $45k monthly in under a year. Our team doesn’t believe those results are normal, but that’s still notable.

While the cryptocurrency mining sales don’t drive much residual pay, they’re great for the weekly pay. Cryptocurrency sales generate weekly checks for Kuvera reps.

In order to become a Kuvera rep, a fee of $50 is paid at signup to become a distributor. There is no monthly recurring distributorship fee. Most reps pay for a monthly All In Pack, though it’s free once the rep has 3 customers of equal value.

The only possible downside to being a Kuvera rep is that most people don’t know how to talk about finances or cryptocurrency. For that reason, having a team or upline with a strong system and training is going to be the most important thing for success as a Kuvera rep. The company itself doesn’t seem to provide much business building training beyond the usual mindset and industry training. The Occupy Wealth team is our recommendation for the best team and leadership within Kuvera to build a profitable business.

kuvera company review is kuvera legal

Kuvera Report Card

12-2-2108 Currently the company is not distributing profits from mining results and it’s Ryze product is having issues paying customer withdrawals from the broker.

You’d be wise to register your own account with Binance here if you desire to buy and trade cryptocurrencies.

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