Kuvera Wealth Management – Creating or Destroying Your Financial Portfolio?

2018 is the year of online wealth management. Cryptocurrency and the less regulatory Trump administration mean a wider range of options available for increasing and managing wealth. Kuvera Wealth Management is one of these new companies with products ranging from options trading, to startup investing, to cryptocurrency trading.

We do want to stress that legal presidents has not been set on the crypto currency vertical in the United States so if you are a USA citizen. Proceed with caution on representing any “opportunity”.

If you desire to buy and trade crypto currencies you can begin with Binance here the largest platform used to date.

As with any financial related article. No buy, sell, or hold recommendations.

Our team took a look at their offerings to see if they’re all they’re reported to be.

kuvera wealth management

Kuvera Company Info

Kuvera is technically an education company, which keeps them legal with the SEC and other financial regulatory organizations. Specifically, Kuvera is a financial tech company. Kuvera connects people with products. The cost per product ranges from a one time set up fee (for their cryptocurrency mining) to a monthly subscription fee to participate in monthly education and live trading sessions.

Kuvera Products

Kuvera offers nearly a dozen different methods of income production between their find, grow, and keep categories. The find and keep categories are the scarcest, with most of the emphasis on growing wealth.

Under the Find and Keep portion, Kuvera offers a Kuvera Money or Kuvera University course, which features “America’s Money Mentor” Ross Jardine’s monthly lessons and financial training videos. Similar to a Dave Ramsey type, he gives practical and applicable tips on finding, budgeting, and tracking spending.

Kuvera also offers a Deductr PRO subscription, which is a financial tracking app. This app reportedly puts $100 to $600 back per month in the average person’s wallet via their tax tracking. Both University and Deductr are included in all of the subscription packs.

Kuvera Wealth Management Products

Kuvera’s wealth management tools are in the forex, equities, and cryptocurrency markets. As an aside, Kuvera is a publicly traded company. This tidbit lends them additional credibility. Kuvera files regular reports with financial regulatory bodies and receives additional scrutiny, compared with the bulk of other companies with cryptocurrency offerings, most of whom are not publicly traded or audited.

Crypto Mining - Kuvera wealth management

Kuvera Cryptocurrency Mining and Trading

Crypto is Kuvera’s cryptocurrency mining program. The smallest mining packs is $499.99 and the largest is $4999.99. Larger packs can be arranged. Each mining subscription is good for the full lease of a mining rig. Kuvera owns the rigs and covers all maintenance. The size of the package determines the speed of the mining. Returns are daily, in the form of Ethereum, though the servers are mining one of a variety of cryptocurrencies. Mining is for the lifetime of the rig, with a minimum of 1000 days.

Mining contracts have one time up front package pricing with no ongoing fees.

Kuvera’s website mentions a second crypto product, CryptoOne, which is still in beta and unlike anything offered elsewhere. A full education platform, crypto trading alerts, and a crypto trading program are included in this pack. Clients receive expert information on a variety of topics ranging from hardware, wallets, exchanges, and ICO’s.

Cryptocurrency is a scammers paradise, so these products are unique and necessary for anyone seeking legitimate entry into the world of cryptocurrency.

12-2-2018 Update to Kuvera mining, it has had issues delivering on this product and at this time they are not paying out on existing mining contracts.

kuvera wealth management forexKuvera Forex Products

The first products Kuvera released were forex (foreign exchange market) products, giving people the ability to trade and grow wealth via the forex market.

FX One offers live FX binary options trading sessions as well as live education and training. FX One is the best way for people without much wealth to increase it, because the trade minimum is only $50.

Ryze is their forex autotrading program with a historical average of 2-3% MONTHLY. Ryze is publicly audited. To participate, participants open a brokerage account with a specified brokerage. The brokerage has access to signals and executes the trades. All the customer does is deposit in the account, so it’s not unheard of for people to roll entire retirement plans into it. Minimum deposit is $500.

Kuvera Startups

Kuvera Startups is similar to angel investing, but on a small scale, with the funding entry as low as $100. Startups are identified by Michael Markowski who was named by Fortune Magazine as one of its 50 great investors.

For reference, in an article written in 2010, he recommended 12 companies. Seven years later, 11 of the 12 companies had increased in value, 2 of them had been acquired, and 9 of the remaining 10 had appreciated by 150-300%.

kuvera wealth management equities and forex

Kuvera Equities

The Equity Pack provides trade alerts for options and broad markets like the S&P 500. The alerts are typically sent out in a video format so they’re easy to execute for anyone, regardless of financial background. There are weekly and monthly trade strategies.

As a bonus, the Equities Pack includes the portfolio builder, which is a monthly commentary and review of commission free ETF’s, equipping people to create a portfolio of self-directed holdings, instead of depending on someone else’s mutual fund.

This is a higher level of entry, with a recommended deposit of $10k.

Kuvera Wealth Management Cost

Kuvera is a subscription service. Subscriptions range from $149.99 to $199.99 monthly. The crypto mining does not have a monthly fee, just the one time package and provision fee.

Kuvera has a referral aspect to it, as well. Members can pay an extra $50 fee when they sign up for the right to distributorship. When members refer 3 other subscription customers, their monthly subscription is free. There’s a bit of fine print to it, but that’s the gist of it.

Also interesting, Kuvera isn’t a registered investment advisor or broker dealer. Kuvera is the educational platform connecting people with tools to build wealth on their own terms.

Kuvera’s product range appears best suited for people who are looking for ways to grow their wealth. It’s not for your penny pincher or person looking to sock away a few cents here or there with the Acorn app. Kuvera Wealth Management products vary in expense and time required, so there’s something for each level of investor.

In Conclusion

No buy, sell, or hold recommendations.

If you desire to buy and trade crypto currencies you can begin with Binance here the largest platform used to date.

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