Meet America’s Money Mentor: Ross Jardine

Ross Jardine is an entrepreneur and author who was a stock trader for many years, approximately 20 years. That is a lot of years to have gained lots of experience and fame, and that explains why this article exists.  

Jardine was the co-founder and brains towards the INVESTools, and that’s not all, he had started to run internet and radio ads for his Stock Investor Program, which bared his names, Ross Jardine.

Ross Jardine Stock Investor Program

What Is Ross Jardine Stock Investor Program?

The program is a free online kit, but as with most free programs, if you want to have access to the full success kit, it is a paid upgrade. You have to pay for the secrets of wealth in trading. The program has a partnership with OptionXpress that charges twice when you get in as well as get out of a trade. They may say that you can start free, but at the end, you’ll have to use your credit card.

Now, let’s talk about what people remember back then about Ross Jardine and the man’s achievement.

The 2006 Lawsuit

What is this INVESTools?  It’s a program created by Ross Jardine to bring education to the investors. Ross Jardine and INVESTools didn’t go well.  He later left INVESTools in 2003, under terms of general release and termination agreement between Ross Jardine and the company. Several months later, Jardine found out that INVESTools was still using his names, picture voice, and video images, which he termed as unauthorized. Together with True North Academy, Jardine filed a lawsuit against INVESTools amounting to $15 million in 2006. We would later come to learn that all meditations regarding that lawsuit collapsed.

The collapse of the lawsuit did not stop him from going on with his life and continue creating success in the financial space.  Let’s expand on our scope and explain some of his creations.

Ross Jardine’s Achievements

Ross Jardine personally trained over 10,000 of investors on how to manage and succeed through their investments. By using the tools and strategies, he had developed through his stock investors program. This explains why he was featured in investment conferences and seminars in many countries around the world.

Jardine decided to put his knowledge in pen and paper and share it. He authored the book “The Bear Market Game Plan.” He formulated many training courses, option strategies, seminars, as well as video presentations on personal investing. His seminars and courses are now sold by INVESTools, CNBC, Nightingale-Conant, BusinessWeek, and Success Magazine brands.

He was also termed as a pioneer in e-commerce. Jardine founded iMall, which was the first successful online shopping site, in 1994. He would, later on, sell the company to Excite@Home. In 1995, he created a Web site for Super Bowl and developed online strategies to help the HealthRider, Covey Leadership Center, and many other companies.

Lastly, after his fall with INVESTools, Jardine founded the True North Academy in 2005, the same company we have learned filed the 2006 lawsuit against INVESTools.



Ross Jardine is a pillar of many businesses, and he emphasized on strategies that could help any organization prosper. He is to be remembered for his good deeds and creation. Jardine deserves massive respect!


Ross Jardine

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