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Have you ever looked at a millionaire and wondered what his secrets to success were? Have you tried (and failed) to find the perfect formula for becoming wealthy yourself? Don’t worry, because countless other people have been in your shoes. In fact, several of those people have decided enough is enough and have broken into the exclusive world of the wealthy to gain their secrets to success. Those secrets have been recorded and shared in books that you can purchase and use to better understand your own money and how you can become wealthy and successful. Here are some of the ‘secret manuals’ revealing the steps to become financially successful.


Books About Financial Success

  • “Wealth Secrets of the One Percent: A Modern Manual to Getting Marvelously, Obscenely Rich” by Sam Wilkin

Secrets of the wealthy Sam Wilkin

Wilkin has studied and dissected the practices of financial heavyweights to bring you an insightful book detailing the secrets to making a fortune. He offers stories of different successful peoples and details their personal strategies, giving you the information to succeed. This exploration of the ridiculously wealthy is thought-provoking and helps you discover a way to defeat the competition and best the money world. Ever wondered how the 1% got to the top? Look no further than this book.


  • “Secrets of Wealthy People: 50 Techniques to Get Rich” by David Stevenson

Secrets of the Wealthy David Stevenson

Just how do the wealthy manage to achieve such great success while the rest of us are left floundering? David Stevenson has answered this by revealing the secret recipe for success that wealthy individuals have used for years to great success. He has broken this recipe down into 50 different techniques to help you better understand how to build and maintain your own wealth. By managing your capital and investments, you can grow your wealth and join the ranks of the wealthy in no time. This book inspires and teaches a great combination for anyone looking into the secret strategies of the rich.


  • “The Secrets of Wealth: The Beginner’s Guide to Financial Freedom” by Fabio Marciano

Secrets of the Wealthy Fabio Marciano

Fabio Marciano breaks down the secrets of wealth into ten topics. This book is especially useful for those just entering the world of financial education as it elaborates on confusing concepts and approaches wealth in an easy to understand manner. Although some of the content detailed in this book may be information you have already read about, Marciano stresses why these concepts are so important and just how you can use them to build and keep your personal wealth. ‘The Secrets of Wealth’ takes a conversational approach to financial education and really connects with readers who are not financially savvy. Instead of focusing on a “get rich quick” approach, this book focuses on investing and management to better grow your wealth.

  • “Secrets of the Wealthy Mind” by Phillip Dignan

Secrets of the Wealthy Phillip Dignan

This book is meant to change how you think about money and understand that the journey to wealth starts in your own mind. ‘Secrets of the Wealthy Mind‘ explores the thoughts of those who have earned financial success and how you can mimic their approach to gain your own wealth. It takes common concepts detailed in the financial world and applies them to a broader spectrum of thought, explaining the reasoning behind each and why they work so well. Are you looking to master your wealth? Pick up this book today to better understand how the way you think affects the way you earn money.



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