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Cryptocurrencies are digital money with a powerful encryption which makes it a unique currency for everyone. These digital currencies are rising at an exponential rate against traditional holdings like the FTSE 100 and the dollar. It’s just a matter a time when everybody will be exposed to cryptocurrency and start using it more often, but we will have to wait and see how that goes.

Some of the cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc. Cryptocurrencies have adopted a blockchain technology to keep the currency as well as the technology safe. It also allows distribution of digital information but cannot be copied. That’s why cryptocurrencies are the most secured digital money we have right now.

Continue reading, and you’ll find out some reasons as to why buy cryptocurrency.


The cases of money fraud are minimized with the use of cryptocurrencies since these digital monies cannot be reversed arbitrarily or counterfeited like the credit card charge-backs by the sender. Cryptocurrency is the most secure form of digital money that’s not susceptible to hackers or any central failure.


Identity Theft

Unlike credit cards that once you purchase, you consequently give complete access to your credit line. When it comes to cryptocurrency, it does not provide any access whatsoever. How is that? Credit cards use a “pull” basis, where a convenience store you’re purchasing a good/services initiates the payment and pulls the exact amount to pay from your account. On the other hand, cryptocurrency operates on a “push” basis, which only allows the holder of the cryptocurrency to send the designated amount with no further information to the recipient or merchant. Thus cases of identity theft do not arise when using a cryptocurrency



Immediate Settlement

Cryptocurrency payments are super-fast since there are no third parties such as Notary or Lawyers, payment fees, and delays. You can even initiate a payment to be finalized at a future date or time with ease and no hassles. You’re sure to get an immediate settlement by using cryptocurrencies since they act as a massive property rights database.


Access to Everyone

Almost every one of us has internet on our phones and cryptocurrency being an online and digital money makes it possible for people to access it anywhere, anytime. If you’re worried about accessing the traditional exchange, then shift your focus and buy a cryptocurrency.



Lower Fees

Up to now, there are no fees involved in transactions of cryptocurrency exchange since the network pays miners. Small charges can only arise if you’re using a platform to create as well as maintain your bitcoin wallet such as Coinbase.



Cryptocurrencies are not managed by one central authority like it’s the case with the credit cards but by its own network. It implies that this digital currency operates on a peer-to-peer (user-to-user) basis.


Recognition at Universal Levels

Cryptocurrency can be easily used at an international level without facing any economic and monetary problems since it is not bound by any country’s transaction charges, interest rates, and exchange rates.



Having a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin can turn out to be the best investment plan you ever made in your life. However, you should be aware of its value fluctuations that can happen at any time. You can make profit or loss so quick. Why buy cryptocurrency? You should buy if you want to have full control and safety of your hard earned money.



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